TaskBiller® the Process

if you are a lawyer, a marketing or advertising agency, a plumber, an interior decorator, an IT professional, a therapist, an architect, a web professional – if you create value for your customers by applying your time and expertise to other people's problems – TaskBiller® is designed for you. This product is designed for service companies who have many small tasks over many clients being carried out by many contractors and full time employees. Poor tracking results in errors delivered to clients and work not billed correctly if billed at all.

Suitable for Consulting Engineers, Architects, Accountants, General Consultants, Software Developers, Web Development, Event Management, PR, Advertising, Oil Exploration and Fund Management , Advertising agencies, Marketing Agencies, and any business that provides services based on time.

Clients are setup, contact details billing rates and logins are assigned.

taskbiller process flow

This method always ensures all work carried out by employees and or contractors  in the taskbiller® are billable to a customer.

Once you enforce the rule "if my work does not have a task number then I am not going to be paid for it".

If all work has a task number you will be billing effort as efficiently as possible.